McAusland & Turner provide marine warranty and engineering services to the offshore oil, gas and renewable energy sectors.

A Marine Warranty Survey is the supervision of marine operations on behalf of a client and according to the insurer‘s interests. Some insurers request an MWS in their warranty clauses. Even if an MWS is not required by the insurer, most owners and operators request a Marine Warranty Surveyor to ensure safety, reliability, and compliance of their installations with applicable standards. This way, the client can be sure of having a warranty in case of damage or loss of the structure. Upon completion of the Marine Warranty Survey, our experts hand out the condition survey reports and Warranty Certificates of Approval to the client.

Typical marine operations include:

  • Load out, float out
  • Lifting, lift off
  • Towing, sea transportation
  • Offshore installation
  • Cable laying & Subsea operations

We also provide expert support and personnel to clients on a wide range of offshore installations. Our consultancy services are sought after by a variety of client types around the world which includes: P&I Clubs, H & M Underwriters, Owners, Charterers & Managers, Shipyards, Lawyers and Government Organisations.

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