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Virtual reality is an emerging technology that we are harnessing to help improve safety, efficiency and understanding of the marine industry.

A photo speaks a thousand words, as the saying goes. By seeing something we are better able to quickly appreciate a situation than by any other means. We believe that having a virtual, visual, representation of the vessel, accessible to all concerned parties, could prove to be invaluable. MTVR provides that means. MTVR is bespoke and adaptable to your company needs, photographs, video, 360 video, sound, text, plans and links to external data can all be embedded into a project making it an extremely versatile tool.

MTVR can be used for:

MTVR uses high definition high dynamic range imagery to capture every detail in the scene thus allowing the visual condition and maintenance of the vessel to be easily assessed. Along with the surveyor’s report, this can then be reviewed at leisure by different parties without the pressure of deadlines due to the vessel sailing etc.

MTVR could prove invaluable during a crisis as it gives shore crisis response teams a better idea of the area within which the problem is located. It can allow shoreside fire fighters an overview of an area before entering to deal with an emergency. Or the Navy, dealing with a hostage situation, to better know the areas they are going to enter. MTVR could be specifically tailored to point out emergency valves pumps, firefighting equipment etc, thus allowing a better more effective shore response in an emergency.

MTVR can provide the means to give a complete overview of the vessel. This can then be viewed by all concerned parties from their own office at a time and place that suits them.

MTVR could be adapted to form part of an onboard – office maintenance system. Machinery details and manuals can be linked to the pictures making locating the information easier. As better 360 cameras become available it could be possible for the crew to take up to date photos of required areas to update or add to the system giving a continuous visual record of the condition of the vessel reducing the need for superintendents to visit so often.

Due to the nature of the industry ships are not readily accessible, and when they are, time is often limited. MTVR can hence give an excellent way for people to become familiar with a vessel from the safety of their own desk.

MTVR data of the damaged area could assist in the investigation of accidents and bring into the courtroom a better understanding of the incident.

In addition to the high-quality computer-based system we can also produce bespoke packages for viewing on VR Headsets. These are ideal for training scenarios as they provide a more immersive and memorable experience. We have presently been concentrating on producing for the Oculus Go system as we feel this provides the best quality / value for money solution, however we can also produce for any other system.

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