Nickolay Stepanov – Regional Director, Master Mariner
Honorary Polar Explorer of RF.

Nikolay heads up the new Moscow Office and is responsible for Eastern Europe as well as assisting with global instructions. Nikolay was a Master Mariner and served for 18 years with the Murmansk Shipping Co. and with a total of 27 years sea service. He is a graduate of the Odessa Maritime College and the Leningrad Higher Engineering Marine College.
He has worked for a number of shipping companies in the roles of ‘Head of Safety Navigation Department’ and was a project manager overseeing ship building. More recently he has been the Head of
Marine Department at RESO-GARANTIA, one of the leading Russian insurers.
His areas of expertise include:
– Computation of the transport and technologic charts for the transportation of various goods by sea and river vessels, of trans-shipments of goods in ports, and of bunker operations;
– Calculation of the run finance and economic figures (income, profitability, carriages cost, operational expenditures, taxes, amortization of key assets);
– Preparation and approval of agreements (agency contracts, commission agreements, delivery contracts, contracts of carriage, management contracts, freights, shipbuilding contracts, ship repair contracts, purchase and sale of vessels and others);
– Survey and analysis of the freight markets, shipbuilding and ship repair markets, second hand markets; formation of the statistic database on the availability of the fleet of the shipping companies and of the freight flows;
– Practice of the sea and the river of carriages (general, bulk cargo, large dimensions, long sized, heavy-lift, ro-ro, military carriages, dangerous cargoes, container carriages including refrigerated containers;
– Launching and operation on the line “Sunmar Container Line, Olympia (USA)” — ports of the Russian coast in the Far East and in South Korea, line container carriages between ports of Europe;
– Coordination of the fleet operation as the “Morflot” representative at the 0b Gulf, Yamburg (Russia).
– Skills of dispatching control as regards positions of vessels on the basis of the “Inmarsat-C’ system, routine and emergency correspondence with vessels and coastal organisations with the usage of adopted abbreviations and terminology.
Nikolay also achieved the Governmental award: “Honorary Polar Explorer”.
Contact Nikolay on +7 (903) 765-82-90

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