I-Love-MondaysYesterday was Monday, we all know how we can feel about Mondays sometimes- the weekend just seems to have flown by and the working week begins! What makes your Monday a Motivational Monday? What motivates you and your staff to get back into the hard work and productivity mode?

A central tenet raised from the economics theories is that individuals respond to incentives.

For psychologists and sociologists, in contrast, rewards and punishments are often counter-productive, because they undermine intrinsic motivation. This brings out the debate about the intrinsic and extrinsic personal rewards; are you an individual that is motivated by financial rewards? Does your job require you to be- by setting financial, budget and sales goals? Money makes the world go round, says Lisa Minnelli and Joel Gray; but surely, we all get some sort of fulfilment from a job well done- a praise or pat on the back are free, but we will often find it gives us internal validation -acknowledgement from your peers and colleagues just feels satisfying.
Research suggests that intrinsic motivation might be easier to preserve- if it comes from within there isn’t a constant need of external incentives to depend on. No matter how big or small the task your given is you will be motivated enough to perform excellently regardless.
What motivates you and your team to get back into the working mode?

  1. Micromanagement?
  2. Incentives?

It’s worth remembering that the secret of getting ahead is getting started; if you feel you can’t do great things today do small things in a great way!