Matthew Warkup – Assistant Marine Surveyor

Matthew Warkup

Matthew joined the McAusland team back in 2017 via McArthur Dean Training, which is a local run apprenticeship & training provider.

Matthews apprenticeship was in Business Administration which meant starting initially in McAusland’s Head Office in Hull, working from the ground upwards throughout all departments.

This job shadow approach saw Matthew quickly learn the intricacies of business and Industry and under the watchful eyes of Albert and Mike Weatherill was encouraged to take on a more active role in Surveying, due to his Navy Supply Chain experience and developing skill sets.

Matthew accompanied McAusland’s Surveyors throughout 2017, eventually being proficient enough to undertake solo surveys on behalf of the Company, so much so that Matthew was taken on as a full-time employee as Assistant Marine Surveyor in Jan 2018, when his apprenticeship came to a successful close.

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