Matthew Jones – Project & Stability Engineer

Matthew Jones

Matthew is our senior Project and Stability Engineer having spent 22 years with a local Naval Architect before joining McAusland’s. Matthew’s services include:

Ship Stability Surveys, Ship Stability Calculations, either by in house computer software or by hand from existing data provided by the Owner.

Work Boat Code Stability, Passenger Ship Stability including Passenger Heeling and Dry Shod Evacuation, Deterministic Damage Stability, Overboard Lifting Stability. Severe Wind and Rolling Stability, Water on Deck Stability, Large Yacht Code Stability, Angle of Vanishing Stability Calculations, Ice Accretion Stability, Spill Hopper Stability. This work also includes the writing of reports to the relevant Authorities of such findings for obtaining formal approval.

Planned Maintenance Reports, In/Out of Water Surveys, Damage Surveys/Reports and proposed remedial work, Non-Destructive Testing and Reports/Drawings, On and Off Hire Surveys.

ITC 69 Measurements including lifting the offsets of vessels hulls to prepare and develop Lines Plans and detailed General Arrangement Drawings. Providing detailed calculations for approval by the relevant Authorities.

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