Jerry Gilmour – BSc(hons), PGDL, PGDMO, PGCE – Class 1 Master Mariner


Jerry Gilmour

Jerry is a highly skilled, highly qualified master mariner with a BSc (hons) in Maritime Business & Management, a Post Graduate Diploma in Law as well as a PGD in Maritime Operation and a PGC in Education. Jerry has lectured Maritime Law and Business, ISM, ISPS, Shipboard Management, Masters Orals, Vessel Maintenance, Emergency Preparedness at South Tyneside & Fleetwood Nautical Colleges. Audited ISM & ISO standards, Lectured ISM ISPS and ISO standards and Prepared Management systems for Ships and Shipping Companies integrating ISO standards and ISM code and Managed (Personnel and Technical) at Alcatel, Svitzer, Global Marine Energy, Prysmian & Centrica.

Jerry has specific sea-going experience with cable laying on offshore wind farms and has acted as Deputy Offshore Installation Manager controlling over 30 terminations on wind farm tower bases. This work also involved the burial and termination of the inter array cables. He has worked on submarine HVDC and HVAC systems and acted as a marine warranty surveyor. Jerry has also held positions as Assistant Harbour Master, VTS Officer and Senior Engineer for Alcatel Submarine Systems.

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