MouseIn our industry we can’t ever say two days are the same, the stories our office walls hold can make a bestselling novel that is sad, hilarious, horrifying and hysterical all at the same time! Either way, we always see it as the perks of the job, because that is just what we do best and we love it! The Not Nice Mice..

Once upon a time, on a gloomy November night a happy chappy Mcausland and Turner Surveyor was sent on a mission. His duty had called him to attend a coldstore in the shadowy Grimsby, filled with frozen raw and cooked food produce that had been contaminated. He was told that an employee of the coldstore had entered a refrigerated area and seen an actual live mouse sitting on a tray of potato chips. The employee’s attempt to capture the guileful little rodent was unfortunately unfruitful. The area around the contamination was cleaned up and the food inside the chiller was quarantined. As such only part of the consignment was available for inspection. The brave surveyor attended firstly at the refrigeration room. The room was noted to be generally clean and tidy with numerous types of product stored within. The door to the unit was of the railed hanging type which had gaps around the periphery and would have allowed easy access for the vermin.

The hawk eyed surveyor also noted that a water drain access was present within the store and just outside of the room’s single access door. The chiller, maintained at the arctic -25°C had to be attended at once. Product within was either palletised in trays or bulk block stowed inside of cardboard boxes. Finished product was noted to consist of ready meals of a very famous, celebrated brand. The courageous surveyor’s Inspection of the available material resulted in one, little mouse dropping being found.

The surveyor then discussed the situation with the assigned contact of the coldstore who advised that the vast majority of the product showed no signs of contamination; however the material had been segregated as a precautionary measure due to it being for human consumption and containing the prestigious branding.

The product in question had a value of some £26,000. Despite the surveyor’s protestations the product was declared as being suitable for dumping via landfill due to the possible contamination. The crafty mouse was never found…according to the police the culprit changed its identity and was last spotted at the border, headed towards a cheesecake factory. Never in the field of foodstuff surveying has so much damage been caused to so much food by so little poo!