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ISM Auditing

McAusland & Turner are able to provide assistance to Companies with IMO’s ISM Code for the Safe Operation of the Ships and Pollution Prevention.

We have fully qualified Auditors who have sea going and shore side experience to ensure you receive the best Quality Audit possible. We can provide assistance with Company Initial DOC audit, a Vessel initial SMC Audit or just annual verification.

Port Marine Safety Code (PMSC) Audits

The Port Marine Safety Code (PMSC) is a national standard that covers every aspect of port marine safety. The goal of the PMSC’s is to improve and enhance safety for everyone who uses or works in the UK port marine industry.

We have qualified auditors who are experts in maritime safety and will conduct a full PMSC audit to ensure compliance for your facilities. Following an audit, our consultants will provide you with a detailed report to include a Gap Analysis and, if required, provide practical recommendations for rectifying anomalies.

CMID Inspections

Common Marine Inspection (CMI) audits are an Industry Standard for Safety and Suitability Surveys designed primarily for the offshore sector. We are a registered IMCA Inspection Organisation and can carry out these Inspections both locally, nationally and globally.