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As a well established marine surveying and marine consultancy firm our staff have an excellent record of assisting clients in preparation for arbitration or court appearances, with many cases settling on the basis of the documents alone.

We have an entry in the Sweet and Maxwell Directory in respect of approved personnel.

We have advised and given evidence or prepared reports in respect of:

  • Personal injury
  • Collision
  • Explosion
  • Vessel Loss
  • Speed and consumption
  • Hatch failures
  • Bunker quality
  • Navigation errors – grounding
  • Cargo gear inspection
  • Oil loss
  • Oil contamination

Chris Spencer (now on retired supporting role) undertook opinion work as an expert witness, also acted as an arbitrator and is currently a supporting member of the LMAA.

Our staff have experience of Arbitrations, Magistrates Courts, Crown Courts, High Court (RCJ), Public Enquiries, Arab Commercial (UAE) and Sharjia Courts.