Course2McAusland Turner’s vessel familiarisation programme celebrates 20 years of helping workers find their sea legs

Hull’s most respected and globally recognised Marine Surveyors and Consultants, McAusland Turner, is celebrating 20 years of its hugely popular three day programme, aimed at people working within the marine industry who haven’t any first-hand experience of the types of vessels they talk about during their normal working week.

Established back in 1888, and now known the world over, the marine experts give delegates the opportunity to see the sheer size and scale of sea faring vessels like Ro-Ro (Roll on Roll off) ships, large bulk carriers and tankers, coasters and barges, and experience the work that goes into keeping them safe on the seas.

Someone who has taken part in one of these courses is Nicholas Wilkes who himself in the past year has completely changed course after 15 years as a Clinical Negligence Lawyer. He is also a qualified and once practicing hospital doctor.

With a weighty background in medicine and law, but no experience within the maritime industry, who better than Nick to take part in what he considers was a bit of a wild card career change?

He says: “Having had a monumental change in career I found myself sitting down with senior staff at Thomas Miller Claims Management in Newcastle who decided to take me on as a lot of what I’ve done in the past overlaps with the world of marine safety.

It’s one thing knowing prevention and cure but nothing prepared me for the sheer expanse of the ships and cargo vessels working from the port of Hull. Not only were we able to scour every inch of the ships and see how they are maintained safely and correctly in the hope that accidents don’t occur, but the management presentation was absolutely brilliant in breaking down the terminology and jargon and delivering it in way that land lubbers like me could understand.“

The team of Marine Surveyors at McAusland Turner is drawn largely from the many areas of sea-going personnel and between them have something in the region of 250 years of technical experience, industry recognition and respected professionalism.

Managing Director Albert Weatherill, who runs McAusland Turner alongside his brother Mike, helped by a strong team of master mariners, engineers and consultants, explains: “We live in very exciting times, what with global trading, sophisticated navigation systems and now, with the spotlight firmly on Hull, it seems only right that we try and highlight the huge operations involved within the marine industry and how easy it is to make a costly mistake through human error.

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