Albert Weatherill – Managing Director – MIIMS, FBACS

Albert Weatherill

Albert is the Company’s current Managing Director and Group CEO.  Albert’s seagoing background was as a Deck Officer on board reefer, Ro-Ro and fishmeal factory vessels (culminating as Chief Officer) before joining the company in 1982. Whilst working off the West African coast assisting with the management of a fleet of 15 fishing vessels he helped to fight shipboard fires, investigate fatalities, co-ordinate helicopter operations, oversee towage and ship to ship cargo operations. His claims negotiating and handling skills have taken him all over the world for P & I Clubs and others and he regularly gives presentations on general claims handling and specialises in steel cargoes. Albert is regularly appointed as an expert witness and has appeared in legal proceedings. In a career spanning more than 40 years Albert has attended in more than 60 countries and investigated complex casualty losses.

Albert takes particular interest in the development of the company and helps to co-ordinate the company’s popular Vessel Familiarisation Course. Albert had published the International Institute for Marine Surveying’s publication ‘Guidelines for Surveyors Conducting Pre-Shipment Inspections of Steel Cargoes’ and more recently assisted with the publication of the Standard Club’s ‘A Guide To The Carriage Of Steel Cargo’. He is also an active member of the International Institute for Marine Surveying, a Fellow of the British Association of Cargo Surveyors and a member of the internationally acclaimed Mensa organisation. Albert is also the Chairman of the Hull & Humber Chamber of Commerce’s Shipping & Transport Committee as well as being a non-executive Director of the full Chamber Board. Albert also provides mentoring and guidance to new surveyors.

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