About Us


McAusland Turner is the oldest Marine Surveying and Consulting firm in continuous operation in the Port of Hull. A history on which clients place their trust, whether surveyors are working locally or globally.
Our name is synonymous with quality in the world of Marine Surveying. The Company is a member of the Team Humber Marine Alliance and our Surveyors and Consultants, who bring a unique blend of expertise and practical skills, are represented in The Nautical Institute, The Institute of Marine Engineering, Science & Technology, The British Association of Cargo Surveyors, the International Institute of Marine Surveying, ICHCA, the Hull & Humber Chamber of Commerce and other professional bodies.
Our Company was endorsed as official P & I Club representatives as long ago as 1916 and that relationship has stood the test of time. In addition to representing P and I Clubs, we are instructed to act on behalf of Underwriters and Insurers, the Marine Industry at large, the Legal Profession and Government Bodies. We are also Lloyd’s Agents for the East Coast of England stretching from Berwick in the North to Felixstowe in the South.
Our team of marine surveyors are almost exclusively drawn from all areas of sea-going personnel into which we are blending shore trained surveyors. With around 250 years of sea-going experience between us there is a wealth of knowledge and expertise on which to draw. Surveyors have written industry recognised guides on cargoes, give presentations to clients around the world and currently sit on the UK P & I Club’s Carefully to Carry Committee. Professionalism, dedication, integrity are the key principles upon which our history was shaped and which continues to take us into the future..


Aidan Holly - Marine Claims Manager Aidan Holly - Marine Claims Manager Vovae Group plc
I have worked with McAuslands for many years and find them to be both professional and personable, having that rare blend of being traditional and up to speed with everything they do
Andrew OrrellAndrew OrrellTudor Freight, Project Logistics Manager
Whether we are transporting by land, sea or air Mcauslands provide a superb, professional and extremely cost effective solution for us; everywhere, every time.
Scott LangScott LangArmitt Marine
Time and again McAusland Turner deliver everything they promise. Projects not only complete on time but using their services has saved us many thousands of pounds. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them.

24/7 Responsiveness Guarantee

At McAusland and Turner we have over 130 years of experience in the field, therefore we understand the nature of the business like no other; we understand that responsiveness and receptiveness in often unpredictable and unruly situations can be crucial.

Because we understand our client needs, we work with them on very professional yet a very personal level and have proudly developed our 24/7 Responsiveness System.

We guarantee that you will be able to get the service you desire when and where you want it, from the best specialised professionals in the field that fits any budget.

“Our company vision is to be the preferred surveying company with home-grown professional values operating on a global, worldwide scale. Every time, everywhere, guaranteed.”